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August 2006
Network Cost Allocation
      Although IT cost allocation in general has been around for many years, the ability to attribute costs based on actual usage is relatively new in the distributed world.

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Sid Finehirsh
Sid has been doing chargeback policy, procedure, politics and algorithms for more than 20 years. He designed many of the leading financial institution chargeback methodologies and authored the Federal Reserve Bank's chargeback policies as well.
June 2006
Virtual Chargeback:
IBM's New Data Center Move
      This month, IBM announced software to help companies track usage and allocate costs in virtualized information-technology environments.

There's undeniably a need for such a tool, says Sidney Finehirsh, president of New York-based CMX Group, a consulting company that specializes in information-technology chargeback systems. When you're dealing with I.T. chargeback, he says, rough allocation estimates don't cut it. "There are companies that will allocate I.T. [costs] based on extraneous factors like head count," Finehirsh says. "But the problem is that if the charge is going to be useful to the business department, it has to be reflective of real cost and it has to be equitable."

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May 2005
ITIL, a data center's yellow brick road
      Sid Finehirsh, founder and CEO of the CMX Group, a consultancy in New York that helps clients sort through and implement ITIL, said he feels the framework's greatest value is in enforcing precision for how ITers speak about and understand the infrastructure. "ITIL offers a lot of precision in vocabulary that we've been using for years. In ITIL, an 'incident' is different from a 'problem,' which is different from a 'known error.' We've commonly used these terms interchangeably, but I find it very appealing that there are definitions for what these terms mean, how they're different and how they're linked."

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Business Finance Magazine
August 2003
The Elusive IT Balanced Scorecard
      "An effective IT scorecard puts in place crossover measures that make the connection between IT activities and business success," says Sidney Finehirsh, founder and CEO of CMX Group, an IT management, financial and technical consultancy in New York City. "IT needs to learn what these crossover measures are by going out and talking to business units. Unfortunately, IT often resides in silos, separated from the rest of the company."

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IT Value and Business Alignment from SAS and the CMX Group       Together, SAS and the CMX Group help CIOs unlock the value of their IT departments and demonstrate IT's contribution to the success of its business partners, and the enterprise as a whole. This proven approach helps CIOs move beyond the standard measures of IT efficiency to a broader process of identifying those measures and metrics that are critical to business success and which clearly demonstrate IT's ability to be a positive contributor to that success.

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Investor's Business Daily
August 2002
Firms Wringing Value From IT Units
      "When possible, the IT team should serve as a kind of partner for other business units", says Sid Finehirsh, president of CMX Group Inc., a New York-based consulting firm. He says the IT department can help other units use technology to gain a competitive advantage. "IT as a partner becomes interested in the profit of its business partners", Finehirsh said. "This changes the concept of IT itself."

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