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Today's CIOs are looking for opportunities to add strategic value without vastly increasing headcount or capital expenditures. Before that can happen, IT’s strategic direction must be closely aligned with that of the business. The CMX IT Scorecard helps organizations align IT operations and development with the business outcomes and results. CMX works with our clients to identify those strategic measures most critical to business success. IT Scorecard from CMX Group takes advantage of the full range of CMX’s proven industry expertise and gives organizations the power to:

  • Establish and maintain credibility with corporate lines of business
  • Increase the effectiveness of technology throughout the enterprise by more effective collaboration with the lines of business
  • Add value to the bottom line by making visible contributions to corporate growth and shareholder value
IT Scorecard JumpStart       The overall objective of CMX’s IT Scorecard JumpStart is to help CIOs quickly and effectively implement an IT scorecard process in their organization.

Jumpstart results include:
  • Determining IT’s major strategic imperatives and understanding the needed alignment with the priorities for the business units
  • Determining what the implications of the business and IT strategies are for implementing an IT Scorecard
  • Defining specific measures that will indicate progress and identify roadblocks to achieving the business goals that have been identified
This is accomplished via a 4-day working session that includes:
  1. Conducting one-on-one interviews with key executives in IT and the business units
  2. Reviewing existing IT measures and basic IT architecture
  3. Reviewing corporate strategy and determining the implications for IT
  4. Developing up to five strategic themes that will impact IT over the next three years
  5. Developing IT scorecard measures for one perspective of the scorecard
The culmination of the JumpStart is a debriefing session, the output of which will be observations and findings culled from the organizations strategies, goals and objectives. This presentation will include a summary of the strategic themes, the strategic data review, and the IT scorecard metrics that were developed as well as an outline and timeline for completing the IT scorecard process.
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