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Long a practitioner of IT Systems Management best practices, the CMX Group has a rapidly expanding practice in the area of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). This practice brings together the accumulated expertise of applied best practices and the discipline of the ITIL framework. CMX’s ITIL-certified consultants help clients adopt and apply the ITIL framework within their organizations. Recent ITIL work has focused on Financial Management, Capacity Management, Configuration Management, Service Level Management, Change Management, Availability Management, and Release Management.
  The CMX Group ITIL Methodology
Assessment Phase      

CMX's typical ITIL engagement begins with an assessment of current process capabilities and maturity, where a tailored strategic roadmap for enhancement is laid out. The CMX ITIL Assessment analyzes all facets of an organization's ITIL process capability using CMX's proprietary Assessment Toolkit. This includes evaluating an organization's:

  • Governance: including organization, policies and objectives, Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • Process: including workflow, linkages with other processes, and roles and responsibilities;
  • Data & Reporting: including metrics, reporting and analysis; and
  • Automation: including tools & technology needed to support the process.
Conceptual Design Phase      

Once the baseline is established via the ITIL maturity assessment, the effort to define and implement programs to address high priority gaps commences. CMX management consultants help clients set short and long term process maturity objectives for their organizations, and lay out plans to reach them. An important component of all of these steps is to design and implement the components required for continuous process improvement: automated reporting against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Critical Success Factors (CSFs). Following agreement on the strategic process direction, process requirements are documented and agreed to, and then all components of the target process are identified and their interrelationships defined.

Detailed Design Phase      

During this phase the conceptual design is fleshed out in actionable detail, including selection of any tools and automation. The CMX Group helps clients identify tools that are appropriate to their needs, and assists with the RFP process if that is required. In addition, specifics of the data and reporting needed to support the ongoing operation and management of the process are detailed.

Development & Implementation Phase      

Lastly the new process is developed and implemented. Workflows and procedures are documented and tested, databases are built and populated, and tools and automation are installed and tested. CMX helps clients in a variety of capacities during this phase, from hands on implementers to implementation consultants, depending on the clients' needs.

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