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The CMX Group has developed a proven record at dozens of organizations, including some of the largest financial institutions in the United States, in the design and implementation of IT costing and chargeback systems. The CMX Group has a thorough understanding of IT costing that combines expert knowledge of IT infrastructure with practical experience in cost accounting. Our consulting staff can offer assistance in every aspect of IT costing and chargeback.

CMX brings to each consulting engagement the benefits of its extensive experience in implementing IT costing systems. This experience includes cost accounting techniques that avoid costly system implementations; optimization methods for software packages; thorough knowledge of customization; and the best approaches to allocating overhead costs through costing and chargeback systems. The CMX Group's specialists also offer project-oriented assistance, part-time support, and readily-available staff backup that reduce the cost of implementing and maintaining an IT costing system.

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Current services include      
  • Assessment of existing costing methodology, identification of gaps in current process, and providing recommendations for improvement
  • Readiness planning for organizations considering first-time costing system implementation
  • Redesign and implementation of new or modified costing systems
  • Provide an integrated costing model for IT that combines Activity-Based Costing with Usage-Based Costing
  • Non-proprietary and proprietary chargeback systems support. Proprietary systems include SAS IT Management Solutions™ and SAS Activity-Based Management Solutions™, CA/NeuMICS™, and CIMS™
Costing Readiness/Assessment       The overall objective of CMX's Costing Readiness/Assessment is to help you avoid or eliminate problems in your IT costing and/or chargeback process. Assessment results include:
  • Definition of your costing objectives
  • Documentation of specific cost structures of your IT technology
  • Customized recommendations for standard costing, cost pool structures and unit charges
  • Gap analysis of data requirements, financial reporting, and tool sets
During the course of the Readiness/Assessment, CMX will interview key stakeholders from both IT and the business units. CMX will also examine appropriate financial and technical data, processes, and documentation. The goal of the Assessment is to identify opportunities for developing a structured IT Costing approach that meets your organization’s objectives.
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