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The performance management and capacity planning disciplines demand in-depth technical knowledge of systems, tools, and architecture. In addition, business experience and orientation is required to design and implement a process that will reflect and anticipate the unique qualities of your organization.

The CMX group has an extensive practice in both capacity planning and performance management. These services are offered for the multi-platformed environments found in today's IT organizations. CMX consultants have in-depth experience in a wide array of capacity and performance tools on the market today, and have built their own when necessary. In addition, they have the management and business orientation and experience necessary to design the most appropriate process for your organization.
Performance Evaluation      

Performance tuning services are offered to help your IT organization get the most out of the resources it has. Our staff is skilled in all of the major performance tools available on the market today. The CMX Group can help you select and implement the performance tools most appropriate to your needs, and come on site to do your performance tuning for you.

Among the performance services offered are:

  • Performance modeling
  • System configuration
  • System tuning
  • Application optimization
Capacity Planning       The CMX Group has designed and implemented capacity planning for dozens of IT organizations, most of them Fortune 500 companies. Among the capacity services provided are:

Customized capacity planning process
Developed to meet your organization's needs, including tool selection, identification of the business metrics that drive growth, and reporting requirements.

Capacity studies
Including routine periodic analyses, pre-implementation application sizing, or in preparation for a hardware upgrade or reconfiguration. These studies, as appropriate can include system modeling, workload forecasting, and workload modeling.

Complete out-tasked capacity planning services
We provide a highly professional staff to perform all of your organization's capacity functions, including internal capacity audits, business plan alignment, tool set selection, forecast creation, and periodic reporting.
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